The first music video I ever made was for Jesse’s song “Yukon Girl.” It basically consisted of me filming Jesse running around Metchosin in his underwear on my little Canon Rebel camera.

After “Yukon Girl,” we made videos for “The Hurricane’s Eye” (up at the top) and “Apparition.” The “Hurricane’s Eye” video was the most ambitious project I’d taken on at that point. We shot it over the course of 9 days, and I spent hundreds of hours editing it. I learned a lot making that video and I’m still happy with lots of aspects of it.

The video for “Apparition” was compiled from a bunch of shows Jesse played the summer after “Yukon Girl” was on the radio. I didn’t have much going on, so I came along with him to all the shows on Vancouver Island and shot footage.

The next video we made together was for his song “Quality Time.” We applied for a $10,000 grant from Telus to make a rap video for the song and, surprisingly, we got it. A thousand dollars in fake jewelry and costumes, some nice cars that nice people brought out, a snake, some cool locations, dance classes, and Jesse’s commitment to the character made this video come together really nicely.

“Cherry” is my favourite music video I’ve made for Jesse, and one of my favourite videos I’ve made to date. We filmed the crazy ceiling scenes in the grand hall of the Oddfellows in Victoria. The video is all about change and how an experience of beauty or transcendence can spur it. Again, Jesse went with an idea and gave it his all in the performance. It was a pleasure to make this. Telus gave us $10K for this one too.

“Access to Infinity” was shot on Vancouver Island and in Death Valley, California. This one was Jesse’s vision, he had the concept ready to go. Shooting in Death Valley was a trip. It is a hostile environment, even in April it was sweltering. We had a fun time with this one and some pretty cool VFX came out of it. My friend Taylor helped out with this one bigtime.