A bunch of lights, fog, lasers, dancers and a dark forest create the backdrop for DIVINE and Raja. Was an amazing process putting this together and it took a lot of people and expertise to pull it off. One of the coolest sets we've ever created, the video doesn't even do justice to what it looked like in real life.
Director: Shiraz D o P: Conrad Jay Assistant D o P: Cam Goddard Assistant Director: Taylor Smith Editor: Joel D’Souza Styling: Ambika Sajana Makeup: Rebecca Bright Hair: Aurezo Sanari Lights: Bryce Vaillant DMX Op: Owen Berry Lasers: Lucas Dashwood (Northstar Creative) Dancers: Kristy Brisebois, Kim Thiesson, Alexandra Basi, Amanda Zink, Kathryn Pratt and Didier Vincent Dancer Makeup and Costumes: Angela McKinnon Bubbles: Dave Johnston Production Assistants: Bruce Gammie (Lead), Larkin Wallbank-Hart, Dave Wohland, Andrew Davison, Richard Leon Gauthier, Rehan Higgins, Brendan McGee, Aidan Strybosh, and Michael Anthony On Set Audio: Max Phillips Gaffer: Ric Peron
Following photos by Michael Anthony and Austin Larratt
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