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 I have been making videos since 2011, when I first picked up the camera to film a documentary on homelessness. I was lucky to quickly start working full-time as a videographer and have been able to take my productions and video production services from me and my DSLR camera to 30 person crews and my collection of cutting edge cinema equipment. 

My experience as a comedy writer, my understanding of marketing and PR, and my work as a director of music videos and films gives me a unique set of skills to produce truly compelling content. 


Nobody in Victoria is shooting on equipment like ours. Because we also shoot music videos and films, we need to have top of the line cinema equipment. Here’s what we have to offer:

RED Weapon with 8K Helium Sensor

Full package (2X 480gb SSD, 2X V-Mount Batteries, PL and EF Mounts, Side Handle, 7″ Monitor)

Tilta Gravity Gimbal + Armorman 2 Vest

Balances with RED and other cinema cameras

PD Movie wireless followfocus

RED Camera & Video Production

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