E-mail from Actual Client!
"Hi Shiraz,
I don't see an attachment or link??


"Check me out on Soundcloud, my name is Hurricane Lane."
- Larkin Wallbank-Hart

"Really good job out there tonight, solid defending, you played well."
-Nigel , Soccer Teammate

"Thanks for letting me down easy."
- Chelsea Reimer, wife

"I'd probably get him to do my videos again, if he was still going to do them for free."
- Jesse Roper
To be honest I am not to much a fan of this video. It changed the way I viewed and listened to the song. It went from a great reggae love song to a gangster hip hop video. Just my opinion though.
-Ellis Frank, Youtube Commenter
"Oh now, what now"
- Mike Devlin, Times Colonist

Text from actual Client!
"Paid, Paid, Paid, all you care about is getting paid. I thought you cared about making a good video, but I was wrong."
- Local Musician
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